April 2013


Issue No. 44


PROXUS Human Resources

BestTalentSelecting the Best Talent

Selecting the Best TalentAlthough the American economy continues to struggle, we at PROXUS are finding that the job market has opened up a bit, and that employees are deciding to make some moves and create turnover for organizations, where in the past few years they had tended to stay put. 

We have also found that several clients are growing their operations and are looking to expand their staffs. 

With the increasing need for new talent, hiring managers must be more diligent than ever in their approach to selecting the best-qualified candidate for each position. This takes planning and follow-up from the hiring manager to approach the selection process as effectively as possible. <<Click here>> to find out how to remain on track throughout the selection process and provide more opportunity for success in selecting the best talent.



NewClientsPROXUS Welcomes a Record 65 New Clients and Return Engagements

PROXUS Adds 65 New ClientsTo use the old adage, "We're on a roll!" and delighted to welcome 45 new HR and Payroll clients, combined with 20 return engagements with existing HR clients between Nov. 15, 2012 - April 15, 2013 who continue to rely on PROXUS to successfully address new opportunities. 

We want to thank our existing clients for their strong references provided on our behalf. Often, it was your voice that positively influenced these organizations to partner with PROXUS. Our team of HR and Payroll professionals remains focused and committed to providing outstanding services to nearly 700 Payroll and HR clients.  <<Welcome clients!>>



PROXUS Human Resources

Paid_SickLeaveMandatory Paid Sick Leave Controversy and FAQs

Mandatory Paid Sick LeaveEarlier this month, the City of Philadelphia narrowly failed to pass a bill that would require private employers with more than six employees to provide mandatory paid sick leave. The measure would have required employers to offer one hour of sick leave for every 40 hours worked, up to a maximum of four days per year for small employers with less than 20 employees, and six or more days per year for larger employers.

If Philadelphia were to pass this bill in the future, it would join a growing number of states and cities which have already passed or are considering similar bills: Connecticut, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Portland, Ore., have already passed the bills; New York City, Massachusetts, and Maryland are considering legislation. <<See Mandatory Sick Leave Controversy and FAQs>> 




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