Matt Roessler

Director, Business Development

His Experience: Having joined PROXUS in 2012, Matt possesses more than 10 years of experience within Human Resources and Human Capital Management. As a member of the firm's leadership team, Matt's efforts are focused on uncovering, nurturing and closing business partnerships through individual effort and by engaging with PROXUS colleagues and strategic partners. Matt's background in Human Resources Management uniquely positions him to be able to leverage his knowledge in this space with PROXUS' powerful technology offerings to develop client solutions that provide the greatest impact in areas of need. He is also a Certified Predictive Index Practitioner, having been introduced to this business solution tool in 2014. Since then, he has invested in his continued learning and use of the Predictive Index across many PROXUS clients. Matt leverages his knowledge in this area to impact the way organizations recruit, develop and engage with their employees for the better. 

Why He Loves What He Does: Matt’s passion is in connecting clients and organizations with the people, services, and tools necessary to elevate their business and operations.