PROXUS is the result of very unique, yet like-minded, entrepreneurs who found a way to join their separate businesses and increase the value they bring to clients.

In 1998, Greg Gast founded Granatt HR, a consulting firm focused on providing small to mid-sized companies with comprehensive HR services. Jeff Green, one of Greg's former colleagues and owner of HR consultancy firm Competitive Edge Group, shared that same focus and in 2000 merged his firm with Granatt.

Meanwhile, Chris Cumo had just formed Professional Payroll Solutions when he met John Israel in 2002. The two men, along with Colton Zacca, shared a vision of a customer-focused regional payroll company that combined great payroll technology with dedicated customer service representatives. Two years later, Chris and John met Greg Gast and Jeff Green, principals of Granatt HR, which had a similar focus on high-quality service. From the start, the business was as much about teamwork as it was the bottom line.

In time, they formed a strategic alliance to provide both payroll technology and service as well as HR consulting and outsourcing. The alliance was so successful, that in 2006, it was formalized and PROXUS was formed bringing the two companies into a joint venture as one brand.

Although PROXUS is focused on providing a high level of customer service, the company principals ensure that employees are well served, too. They work hard, but they also know how to have fun. For example, when the PROXUS team has retreats, it is not just about insights, trends and strategies. The retreats have also hosted some fierce and competitive office chair curling, synchronized swimming and other fun, silly, activities. The team is close knit and they have fun together. That closeness makes for a more pleasant work environment, but it also pays business dividends. PROXUS' unusual founding -- with five leaders in two jointly operated companies -- would have posed challenges to many companies, but PROXUS thrived from the start and continues to grow today.

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