Jeff Green

Co-Founder and Principal

His experience: Jeff possesses a long background as an HR executive in large corporate settings, where he had extensive resources available to him. He saw a need among small and mid-sized businesses that didn’t have the breadth and depth of HR talent that larger companies have, but were still competing with larger companies. That led him to found Competitive Edge Group (which would eventually become the HRM side of PROXUS) to provide those HR resources to small and mid-sized companies through support, guidance and expertise that they wouldn’t be able to get on their own.

Why He Loves What He Does: Jeff finds great reward in helping clients solve problems and overcome challenges, as well as seeing PROXUS employees grow and develop. "I'm a big supporter of professional growth and development, and we take careful, consistent steps to ensure that we're opening new paths for professional development for PROXUS employees. We are constantly trying to identify those areas that an employee is passionate about, curious about, or excels in and how they intersect with business needs or opportunities so we can properly align them and provide room for employee growth."

How He Defines Success: Jeff's business philosophy is rooted in his Christian faith, in particular the principles of integrity, wisdom and compassion. "We love to learn new things and figure out how to apply them in a meaningful way to support the development and success of our colleagues, clients and partners." 

More About Jeff: Jeff holds an M.B.A. in General & Strategic Management and a B.B.A. degree with a dual major in Finance and Risk Management & Insurance, both from the Temple University Fox School of Business Management. He actively serves within his local church, participates in various community service initiatives and currently serves on the board of directors at Friends Life Care, a non-profit provider of long-term care services.