Maria Bartholetti

HR Consultant

Her Experience: Maria brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the HR Consultant role at PROXUS. Possessing over 30 years of experience in the profession, Maria has held almost every position within an HR Department, from HR Assistant to Director of Human Resources. A true Generalist, Maria delivers practical, best-practice guidance and support to clients across every aspect of human resources, both on a project basis and within ongoing outsourced HR relationships.  

Why She Loves What She Does:  Having worked extensively in the service industry, Maria truly enjoys the service aspect of HR. She holds high service standards for herself, and works to meet her clients’ HR needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. She feels a sense of gratitude and compassion when working with and assisting a company’s employees and leadership, and enjoys working with companies to create an environment in which HR is approachable and accessible to all employees.