Great technology is useless without great people behind it. While you can find good payroll software from a lot of companies, only PROXUS offers the kind of integrated team approach that can take care of your company and its employees with the personal touch you want.

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The best of both worlds

Although we offer some of the best technology in the industry, our focus is on you, not on tech. Yes, our software can manage Payroll and other business tasks. With PROXUS, you’re getting more than software. You’re also getting a team of specialists who can help you navigate the full range of Payroll and HR issues.

Personalized attention

You don’t have to be treated like a number. When you partner with PROXUS, you get a dedicated advocate who knows you and understands what your company needs -- and can get the answers to your questions without making you jump through hoops.

A partner who can guide you

Payroll and HR management becomes increasingly complex as new laws take effect and your business grows. In an ever-changing business environment, you need advice you know you can trust. Even the best software falls short in helping you make strategic decisions. PROXUS provides a dedicated agent and other specialists who can help craft the right solutions when you need more than number crunching.

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Single Employee Record
Benefits Administration
Time & Attendance
Payroll & Tax Filing

Payroll is the cornerstone of iSolved. What good is a single database HCM system if it can’t process Payroll and Taxes quickly and accurately? Why use an HCM provider that can’t provide the answers you need when you need them? With PROXUS, you not only get a great payroll engine in iSolved, you also have direct access to our experienced payroll and tax experts who can help with issues ranging from the simplest to the most complicated and ensure you have a system designed to meet your company's unique needs.


Other HCM companies just want to impress you with their technology during their demonstrations. Then they leave you on your own to struggle through the system and learn how it actually works. With PROXUS, you work directly with an HR professional to help you configure and use the system's HRIS capabilities to your specifications. Need help configuring onboarding templates or electronic performance reviews? Would you like help in providing Benefit Statements to your employees so they understand what their Total pay is? PROXUS provides that kind of ongoing support to all new and existing clients.

Benefits Administration
Benefits Administration

It can be overwhelming to make benefit administration technology useful to your unique business needs, with various puzzle pieces such as plan design information, internal company policies regarding classification of employees, coordinating Carrier feeds, COBRA Admin, flex spending account administration HSAs, the ACA and more. Most HCM companies won’t tell you that during their demonstrations – they just want to sell the product. At PROXUS, you work with a team of highly knowledgeable people who understand that benefits aren’t a “one size fits all,” and who will help you make sense of it all.

Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance

iSolved Time is an optional component of our HCM solution, providing you with a feature-rich time-tracking application all in the same database as your Payroll, HR and Benefits Administration. You can move beyond outdated time sheets and spreadsheets to process employee time and attendance with proficiency. Work with PROXUS' time experts to configure PTO policies, shift differentials, schedules and choose the best method for collecting time for your organization. No matter your Time Management requirements, PROXUS will get it right for you!

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