At the end of the day, Human Resources is more than just Employee Handbooks, policies, and procedures. It’s what drives the engagement, development and overall performance of your greatest asset – your people. 

At PROXUS, our team of HR experts understands that your business and workforce are unique. We dedicate ourselves to helping organizations align their people with their business strategy so they can reach their full potential. Our solutions are designed to help you better find, manage and develop your employees, so your business can go further.

How We Can Help

Your plate is full running your business. Let us handle HR.

As your company grows, changing regulatory requirements and an increasingly complex workforce became the new reality, and HR takes up more of your bandwidth. Whether its stepping in and becoming your HR department, or helping you evaluate your existing human resource processes so you can increase efficiencies and build for tomorrow, our team is here to alleviate the burden of managing your people so you can get back to running your business. 

Add an expert’s perspective to your team.

Even companies with robust HR departments can run into unexpected challenges. Whether its providing targeted expertise to address critical issue, offering outside perspective on complicated employee or workplace problemsor simply providing another set of hands to help facilitate a project, our team partners with your HR department to provide high-level insight and solutions to your most complex HR issues.  

In HR, an educated guess is not good enough.

HR is complex, and even a small misstep can create expensive headaches. Sometimes, regardless of the size of your business, you just need a trusted HR partner who is there for youwhen you need them. From on-demand services to short-term tactical support to longer term strategic guidance, we’ve got you covered no matter your HR needs.



Whether you need full HR support or someone to handle time-consuming administrative HR tasks, our Outsourcing services takes the work and worry out of your Human Resources function and puts it in the hands of our experienced team. When you outsource with PROXUS, you gain more than you would with an internal hire – you gain the support of an entire team of HR experts committed to helping your business thrive.  



To build a high-performing workforce, you need competitive compensation and performance management programs that attract the right people, promote employee satisfaction, and reduce compliance risks. Our compensation practice team are experts in the design, analysis and implementation of wage and salary programs that are competitive in the marketplace and aligned with your organization's philosophy.



PROXUS is the trusted HR partner and advisor to organizations of all sizes. Our team of HR professionals help business owners, executives and HR leaders meet their critical needs. We have the expertise and resources to diagnose complex workforce challenges and provide guidance that enables you to execute practical business driven solutions.

HR Staffing


With PROXUS’ Human Resource Staffing solutions, our team works diligently to find talented and knowledgeable HR professionals who meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether you need to fill a human resources role quickly and temporarily, or you are looking for a long-term direct hire, we leverage our industry knowledge, extensive network and staffing best practices to find the right person for your business.

Learn What PROXUS HR Management Services Can Do For You

Discover how we help companies acquire, manage and develop a high-performing workforce
HR Staffing

Industry Expertise

Our team of HR professionals provide a depth and breadth of expertise that allows PROXUS to effectively partner with companies of all sizes, and in all industries, while tailoring our advice and services to meet each company's unique needs. We have particular expertise in the health care and nonprofit segments.


The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving and will continue to do so. At PROXUS, we understand the various challenges and dynamics of HR within healthcare and we work closely with hospitals and healthcare institutions, long-term care facilities, home health agencies and more to help them meet their unique workforce challenges.

“PROXUS has served as an invaluable partner in assisting with our Compensation needs. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. They have proven to be creative in problem resolution, are extremely reliable in time commitments and consistently exceed our expectations.”
- Director of Compensation Benefits at Cooper Health System


At PROXUS, nonprofit organizations simply connect with our DNA. We stand behind the invaluable work of our nonprofit clients, and we have a deep understanding of the unique HR challenges and obstacles that they face. We work with nonprofits of all sizes and types and are committed to meeting their HR needs so they can reach their mission-driven objectives.

“A contract with PROXUS is like having your own fully staffed HR department handling employee, salary and benefits administration. They are extremely responsive to the issues we identify as critical to our culture and excellent at keeping our organization up-to-date on changes in law and practice.”
– President & CEO, Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter

Family Owned

Running a family-owned business presents its own, distinct set of challenges. PROXUS is able to provide targeted solutions to help you successfully navigate the often complex workplace dynamics resulting from family members both in and out of the business. PROXUS serves as a proud Educational Partner with the Delaware Valley Family Business Center, which enables us to bring our family-owned businesses relevant events and resources that can help them grow and thrive.

“Due to overlapping roles and relationships, family businesses are complex and often difficult to navigate. While we guide business families through an overall process to avoid some of the common pitfalls and build necessary strengths, having experts like PROXUS on the team has been immensely valuable. They are not only experts in their area but are also educated about, and sensitive to, the unique situations family businesses often find themselves in.”
– Sally Derstine, Delaware Valley Family Business Center


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