Go Beyond Basics with Unique Employee Perks


Attracting and retaining quality employees has always been a priority for Business Owners and Human Resources professionals. Today, this task is becoming even more challenging. With unemployment rates at their lowest levels in years, recruitment is extremely competitive, and winning the ‘war for talent’ is crucial for ensuring success.

At PROXUS, we work with our clients to develop unique strategies to attract and retain top talent. In today’s world, a competitive salary is only part of an overall compensation and benefits package that needs to be offered. Consequently, organizations need to think outside the box when developing their comp. and benefit plans.

While the standard benefits (health insurance, retirement accounts, paid time off) are still important to job seekers, it is the unique perks being offered that are setting organizations apart. Some of the benefits that have been growing recently in popularity include onsite child care, pet-friendly work places, and laundry/dry cleaning services.

The number of households with two working parents has increased greatly in recent years, putting stress on parents to find affordable and quality child care. Offering onsite childcare services, helping to find care, or subsidizing these costs reduces the burden on employees, allowing them to be more productive and focused while at work.

Pet parents face many of the same stressors that parents do. Many organizations are working with local pet-sitting companies to offer discounts for their employees or are offering pet-friendly workplaces when able. Another benefit increasing in popularity is pet insurance. If employers choose to subsidize the cost, the amount is typically minimal, but the benefit to employees is significant. Some employers have even begun to offer “pawternity leave,” which allows employees time off to bond with and settle in a new furry addition to their families.

Onsite laundry and dry-cleaning services are another unique perk growing in popularity, and it makes sense! Who wants to go home after a long day at the office and spend hours doing laundry? Providing employees with services to assist them with simple chores that they then don’t have to worry about doing after leaving the office can provide a great sense of relief and freedom for employees.
The perks described above will of course not fit every organization – and that’s okay! Organizations should consistently be monitoring their competitors to ensure their offerings are in line with the job market.

As employee demographics change, so too will the benefits that are important to that group. Management and Human Resources should pay attention to the needs and desires of their employees and try to offer unique benefits that appeal to them. In doing so, employees will feel they are being heard and valued, which will increase employee morale and retention.

Jess Patton, HR Consultant with PROXUS. JPatton@Proxushr.com or 215-654-9140 ext. 414.

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